The Third Hundred Miles

So, here I am nearly four months after first starting this walk. The foot took so much longer to heal than I had ever expected and, unfortunately, I drank and ate in a way that would have made Falstaff happy. No exercise either, so this section of the walk has been hard. In addition, to the physical side, mentally it has been tougher because I have been driven to try to make more ground more quickly; partly to compensate for the long gap and partly to get as much done before I return to University in October. I was sorry to miss new ‘old’ friends when I left Devon but I had decided to keep a low profile in case another setback sabotaged the expedition – the van comes to mind 😉 I haven’t taken in as much of the countryside, the smells, sights or sounds as before, nor am I as relaxed but the experience has still been fantastic. Whether following in the footsteps of the Romans through Bath and onto Cirencester (I even had a day off at Chedworth Roman Villa: well worth a visit), enjoying the chocolate-box villages of the Cotswolds, or the last of the Devonian backcountry lanes, Britain continues to be a beautiful country, and, while the charitable donations from passers-by have dried up, the people have been predominantly warm and friendly, just like the weather. Hopefully, I can relax into the next section as I relive former exploits, walking through the area in which I grew up, meeting old friends and new.